About The Artist & Studio

Founded in October 2013 

Monsters Ink Studio's goal is to set up a successful tattooing and piercing business; without forgetting the artist that create the art. Combining great artists and giving the community a great new updated atmosphere to the traditional biker gang tattoo shops of the past. We Specialize in custom tattooing as well as body piercing.

Conveniently located right on San Pablo Ave in Albany, only a block south of the El Cerrito Plaza. We're looking to be established in the beautiful city of Albany for many years to come. building our reputation of a great fresh unique tattoo studio. 

We Set our customer service standards high giving an inviting atmosphere like no other tattoo shop around. Bringing our current and future customers a place of quality and value.

Providing both tattoo and piercing aftercare Products for a naturally healing process by using essential vitamins and minerals needed to protect. 

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Jaime '  DaRobot '  Lepe

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Nick C.

Born, raised and seasoned in the east bay. A lifelong artist, Nick has been drawing and painting his whole life. Drawn to tattooing  through skateboarding and graffiti he strives to create custom tattoos that range in style and influence. 

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Lewis A.

...much can be said about lewis and even more about his tattoo skills.

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Born and raised in the mission district of San Francisco. Surrounded by the rich murals and graffiti scene. I quickly soaked in my environment; I knew at a young age art would be a huge part of my life. I never studied art in any traditional form but the past 26 years all I've been doing is practicing drawing, painting and now for the past year and a half tattooing. I have much more fun with traditional and neo traditional but I'm down for whatever; I'm all about custom work, never copy. 

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Miguel B.

Tattoos & airbrush 

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Mike C.

Keep calm and trust him with your life.  

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Mike Jaso

In Sunset Beach, CA? check out our friend 

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